All on 4-5-6

Why Full Arch 4-5-6 Implant Rehabilitation?

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20% of US-American adults wear a removable denture.

The All-On-4 concept creates a stream-lined solution to painful, expensive, laborious and bothersome options for edentulous patients.

It consists of:

  • Clinically validated protocol
  • Implants with high primary stability
  • No bone grafting
  • Painless, quick patient experience
  • Saves time and money
  • High level of patient satisfaction

A Dental Technician in the Operating Room?


A “Board Certified” Implant Dental Technician will assist the Restorative Dentist and personally shape and customize a passive fit of the prosthesis to the implants immediately after surgery.

The patient will leave the office with a functional temporary prosthesis perfectly fit relative to their new bite.


After Healing and Implant Integration

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Natural Arts assists in taking the patient’s impression and then custom mills a titanium bar suited to the prosthesis’ final design.

Milled Titanium Bars are Light weight, Strong, Patient Specific AND, because there are no expensive implant parts to purchase, the patient receives a predictable flat rate cost!

The Home Stretch

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In a process of 4-6 weeks, the bar is crafted and sent back to the Doctor’s office for a try-in with teeth set in wax on the framework.

Upon patient approval, the teeth are processed onto the framework (2 weeks) and are ready for final placement.

Only with Natural Arts

Brenda Saunders, C.D.T. in Ceramics and Crown & Bridge

  • Over 400 chair-side conversions completed
  • Dozens of references available

What to expect


  • Immediate Provisional
  • Surgical Guide
  • Worry free chair-side procedure

Final Impression:

  • Chair-side Technician
  • Final Prosthesis
    • Choose either:
    • Titanium hybrid bar
    • All Zirconia