Get Started

Smiling girlInside San Antonio:

Schedule a pick-up! Fill out one of our Rx, give us a call at 210-349-1004, and within 24 hours we will come by and receive the case.

Outside San Antonio:

Fill out the Rx, Call 210-349-1004 or 1-800-322-NADL (6235), we will fax over a pre-paid UPS label, attach it to your boxed impression with Rx and send it our way! We will call and confirm its arrival, Rx details and due date. With the delivery of your case, we will include boxes, more UPS labels and packing materials for future cases.


Simply give us a call! Randy Saunders wants to personally speak with you about every step of the All-on-4 procedure. From supply lists to technique to what to expect to price and any other questions. If you need a Restorative Dentist or Surgical Specialist, Natural Arts will be happy to help you find the perfect match to finish the team.